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Custom made loft beds: NYC ★ Brookyln ★ Manhattan ★

Custom built loft beds is a specific niche I offer.


From design to install the whole process is fun and simple. :)

Custom loft bed details can be added: desk areas, railings, shelves, design elements, and wood finishes (paint, stain, or raw).

double loft bed
double loft bed
double loft bed
multi unit loft, and storage steps
loft w desk and shelving
loft, step/storage, partition wall
loft w wall mounted ladder
Loft bed

To get started...
Call, text or email now: 

(347) 433-8418 


  • flexible price range

  • customized for each client's needs

  • simple and sturdy design

  • quick turnaround time 

  • pre-built offsite (fast installs; low dust/noise)

  • custom loft bed for kids (lets do something fun!)

  • custom loft bed for adults 

A short video of a custom loft bed installation in a small studio apartment (with high ceilings) in Brooklyn. 

The 5 easy steps to procure your very own custom loft bed:


  1. When you reach out to me, we will briefly discuss your project and schedule a time for me to stop by to provide a free assessment.

  2. On my first visit I will take measurements and brain storm design options with you.

  3. Next we finalize a design that works within your budget and timeline.

  4. Once the details are set I will email you an agreement, including an install date, and you provide a 50% deposit.

  5. Install day arrives!! materials are delivered to your location and I assemble your custom loft bed. 


You now have an amazing custom built loft bed and a ton more free space! yay!!

Examples and options for custom loft beds


When we design your custom loft bed, it is truly a custom built loft bed for you. Each detail is designed and considered based on your needs and inspirations, as well as the positive elements and limitations of your room. My goal is to get the most out of the space in your room, making it as comfortable as possible for when you are in and out of your bed, and as visually pleasing as possible. 

Common challenges are: needing more space (in general), more storage space, creating a work area in you bedroom (or vice versa), dealing with your bed being in the only room in a studio apartment, a growing family, giving your child a play area in their room, having more privacy for your bed etc. 


We take all these details into consideration when designing your custom loft bed. The goal is to totally transform your current living situation into a much more roomy, usable, and exciting place to spend your time.


There are a couple broad categories of loft beds such as: custom loft beds for adults, custom loft beds kids, Custom loft beds for small studio apartment, safety railing types, high loft beds, and low loft beds. I’v adding extra details below for each catagory, covering the options and trends Ive worked with over the years. 

Custom loft beds kids


Kids custom loft beds, is a great way to make your child’s room very special at the same time multi-functional. Each part of the design and function will be uniquely built for the fun, safety and utility of space for your child as they continue to grow. Sometimes sharing an inspiration image you found online can be a great way to start the design process. So if you see something you like online, save the image and when we are designing your custom loft bed, we can incorporate a similar aesthetic. 


One of the main things that differs from a Custom loft bed for adults and vs a kids loft bed, is the size of the mattress. Usually a custom loft bed for kids will use a twin sized mattress (38” x 75”), if you think something smaller would work better we can create a custom mattress for you as well. I often use Canal foam and rubber’s foam mattresses whenever the design calls for a smaller mattress. One of the nice things with their mattresses is they are only 4” thick, which helps save on the vertical space. Another useful things to know is one of the guys working there run’s a little side business of upolstering foam mattresses. Ive worked with him several times and he actually does an amazing job. He also offers special waterproof material if you’re child is still in the bedwetting age. If we are doing a custom mattress size this is the first place I recommend, due to the ease, flexibility, price, and being able to work with them in-person (as opposed to ordering something online). 

Anchor 1


We did a custom mattress size for this kids custom loft bed. We made it narrower than usual (smaller than twin size), and also the 4” thickness allowed for better spacing for on top and under the loft bed. 



The next thing to consider is safety railings. Ive used three types of railings: wooden railings, metal pipe railings or solid raised (wooden) sides. I usually suggest the metal pipe railings, which can be fabricated to any size. They are by the nature of being metal, very sturdy and, design-wise I think they usually look nice. Wood railings can also be nice, and add a more minimal touch. It just depends your design preference. The third option I mentioned is solid raised sides. This is the simplest option and sometimes provides the best design and safety option. Think about what safety concerns you have and also the design elements you like. I will work carefully with you to get the size and height exactly what seems best for you and your kid(s).

We decided on a metal safety railing for this kids custom loft bed.

The room design turned out great on this one, both aesthetically and functionally. 



Two more details are ladder variations and the height of the loft. The ladder for a custom loft bed for kids usually is a bit more narrow then for an adult, and can be either vertical or at an angle. the specific details for the ladder and height are both two more details I carefully decide on so that it will work perfectly for your space and your child. Depending on if they prefer to climb up vertically or at an angle, we can discuss any pros and cons and decide on something perfect. 

The height also we can figure out exactly what will work best. As kids are not tall, the height for a kids custom loft bed is a bit more flexible, depending on your ceiling height and mattress being used, so even if your ceilings are low, a kids custom loft bed will work fine, and still have great play space below. Ive build many kids custom loft beds, so I can help you figure out what will work out perfectly (also on rare occasions I’ve raised or lowered a loft bed, so if we get it wrong the first time, we can always adjust it later). 


Incorporating extra design elements such as a desk space, shelves, and other details (I added a ‘fireman’ pole once for a kids custom loft bed!) are easy to add and totally customizable. Its very common that a simple small desk space is added, or shelves, or a small bookcase. Each of these details I can thoughtfully add, so as to maximize the total space. When creatively done, your custom loft bed, can function as a play space, work space, storage and loft bed.




Here are two examples of kids custom loft beds with desk spaces. The image on the left shows a desk with a pull out drawer. 

Image on the right, a kids custom loft bed with a much more simple desk space, yet, I’d love to point out, look how it's obviously being very well used. 

Wether you go for something more involved like a desk with a drawer, or a simple desk top panel (which is a less expensive option), both are good options.


Making your kid’s room, and newly added custom loft bed fun and uniquely your is important. After taking care of the design decisions such as how it will be built, size, height, safety details, next on the list should be how to make this new space as fun and engaging as possible. For the loft bed, we can paint it any color you like (or simple white), or leave the wood raw (I usually use pine wood to build kids custom loft beds. Pine does not splinter and is safe for kids), any of these options are equally good. 

Here we painted this kids custom loft bed the same color as the room walls, but then sealed the ladder with clear sealer. The contrast is awesome, yet was very simple to create. The walls are decorated with really fun decals also. :)



If there are any design details you’ve seen online, please share them with me and we can add them also. In a few children rooms Ive worked in, wall decals were added, which I thought were fun. Adding a string of lights is also popular. Also another thing I noticed was that because the bed is off the floor, the play area is easily tidied up when need be, which leaves the room open and clutter free. 

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