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If you are cramped in your home, or just want to expand your space, I can help you.


A customized loft bed will increase your freedom by optimizing the space you have right now. I am an artist/carpenter located in Brooklyn NYC and I offer custom loft beds, built from quality real wood, designed uniquely for you and your needs, and with a fast turn around time. During your free in-person consultation we consider your budget and brainstorm solutions for your room. Your loft bed will usually be ready within 2 weeks (or less), and the installation itself typically takes just a few hours.


Unlike a one-size-fits-all loft bed from a store, a custom loft bed:

       is designed specifically for your space


       can include finishes and features specific to your needs 


       is professionally installed and secured for stability – eliminating the wobbling or creaking common in mass-produced beds.


I’ve simplified the process so you don’t need to stress over anything… 

Shoot me your email today; I'm looking forward to scheduling your free consultation!


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