Double your useable space in two weeks without breaking the bank...

Affordable custom loft installations with a clean minimal feel.

Loft building is a specific niche and I have streamlined the process. I offer affordable, quick, and easy custom-built loft beds.

Often the install takes just a few hours and the onsite construction is minimal. Custom details can be added such as railings, shelves, design elements, and wood finishes. 

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  • flexible price range

  • customized for each client's needs

  • variety of finishes

  • simple and sturdy design

  • quick turnaround time

  • installs are fast; minimal dust/noise

double loft bed
double loft bed
double loft bed
multi unit loft, and storage steps
loft w desk and shelving
loft, step/storage, partition wall
loft w wall mounted ladder
Loft bed
Hans Gullickson (347) 433-8418 
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Brooklyn, NY 11206
multi unit loft, and storage steps

Chelsea, children's lower bed frame on wheels, lofts hangout area above, and storage steps. Hand painted eggshell pure white.